How to choose a good LED GROW LIGHT

I am a professional LED plant light engineer at HIBOCT. I have tested many different brands of LED plant lights, analyzed a large amount of data, and communicated with many users. Based on my experience, I believe that a good LED plant light should have the following features:

1.Introduction of LED chip:
High-quality LED plant lights generally use authentic Samsung chips and LEDs. Among them, the most popular Samsung chip models are 281B+, 301B, and 301H. The 281B chip is no longer in production, and the 281B+ has become the most popular due to its high cost-effectiveness and high PPE, occupying a large market share. The 301B and 301H are very high-end LED chips from Samsung, but the supplier’s price for them is 4-5 times that of the 281B+, so the cost-effectiveness of the 301B/301H is not very good. Typically, a high-quality 800W LED fixture using the 281B+ chip will cost around $420, while a fixture using the 301B chip will cost $800-$1000. For many budget-conscious consumers, this is not very friendly. For example, if the score of a light is 100, the fixture using the 281B+ chip can achieve a PPE of 2.8-2.95umol/J, scoring 90 points, while the fixture using the 301B/301H chip can achieve a PPE of 2.95-3.1umol/J, scoring 95 points. This means that spending an extra $500 on each fixture for a 5-point difference is not worth it for budget-conscious consumers.
Unfortunately, many LED plant light companies now falsely claim that low-end 2835 chips produced in China are Samsung 281B, and that low-end 3030 chips produced in China are Samsung 301B/H or Philips branded LEDs. They cannot provide proof of purchase for each batch of Samsung chips, and many consumers have been deceived. I believe it is ridiculous for consumers to expect to purchase fixtures using the 301B/301H chip for $400 because this is simply not in line with the market economy. Any reputable brand cannot produce 301B/H at such a low cost unless they use counterfeit Samsung chips. I would like to once again warn consumers to be vigilant and avoid being deceived.

I can tell you that the spectrum of LED plant lights is crucial to the growth of cannabis. Each stage of growth requires specific wavelengths of light to promote optimal growth and development.During the vegetative stage, cannabis plants require a higher proportion of blue light to promote leaf growth and healthy root development. As the plant moves into the flowering stage, it requires a higher proportion of red light to promote bud development.It’s also important to note that different strains of cannabis may have slightly different light spectrum requirements, so it’s important to choose a LED plant light with customizable spectrum settings to meet the specific needs of your plants. At HIBOCT, we offer LED plant lights with customizable spectrum settings to help growers achieve optimal growth and yield.

3.Temperature during fixture use:
In general, LED plant light chips produce a large amount of heat during normal operation, causing the temperature of the fixture to rise. Therefore, a good LED plant light must have excellent heat dissipation performance. The more aluminum used in the fixture, the better the heat dissipation performance, but the disadvantage is that the weight of the fixture will be heavier. The fixture’s working temperature should be controlled at around 60 degrees Celsius. For every 10 degrees Celsius increase in temperature, the fixture’s lifespan will be halved. Consumers can choose brands with 3-5 years of warranty, which is sufficient for indoor planting.

4.Price: The best LED grow light is not necessarily the most expensive one, but rather the one that is most suitable for your needs. There is no need to buy the most expensive light fixture, nor is it necessary to insist on a light fixture made with 301B/301H chips. Within a certain budget range, it is best to choose the most appropriate light fixture. For example, for a budget of $400-$500, it is recommended to choose a 281B+ light fixture; for a budget of $700-$1000, a 301B light fixture is recommended; for a budget of $900-$1200, a 301H light fixture can be chosen. For a budget less than $300, I suggest using natural sunlight or greenhouse plant lights.

In summary, a good LED grow light should use authentic Samsung chips, such as 281B+/301B/301H. The choice of chip solution should be based on your own budget. I highly recommend using a 281B+ light fixture, such as the HIBOCT C-900W UVIR, which is the best-selling product developed and continuously improved by HIBOCT. It has a PPE of 2.8umol/J, a working temperature of around 58-60 degrees Celsius, and a coverage area of 4*4-5*5FT. It has two dimming modes, allowing users to adjust UVIR and full-spectrum lighting according to their needs. The current price <$500, with a 5-year warranty provided.

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