There are four aspects of temperature's impact on the lifespan of LED lights

There are four aspects of temperature’s impact on the lifespan of LED lights: 1.High temperatures result in significant light decay of LED chips. The lower the temperature, the smaller the light decay, and the longer the lifespan.

2.Excessive temperatures lead to a decrease in light efficiency (PPE), and poor heat dissipation in the LED fixture can cause localized high temperatures in the LED chips. This can cause the light efficiency to drop from 3.0 μmol/J to 2.3 μmol/J, even when using 301B chips, this problem cannot be avoided.

3.It affects the driver circuit, where many electronic components on the driver circuit, such as capacitors, can be damaged due to high temperatures. Theoretically, for every ten-degree increase in temperature, the lifespan of the LED fixture is halved.

4.High temperatures pose safety risks, such as fire and electric shock.

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