You are covered when you buy from HIBOCT.

We ensure that all of our products undergo rigorous quality testing and extensive packaging to reduce the chance of any defects, however, in the unlikely circumstance that there is a failure with your purchased goods, simply take a deep breath and get in touch, we have our local engineers (in Thailand) will assist you.

5 Year Warranty Included on each product.

This warranty applies to all physical goods, and only for physical goods purchased from HIBOCT.

What does this warranty cover?

HIBOCT warrants the mechanical and electronic components of the ballast to be free of defects in material and workmanship if used under normal operating conditions for a period of three (5) years from the original date of purchase. 

During the warranty period, HIBOCT will repair the faulty products by replacing the failed components, if the product has undergone a major fault where it is unable to be repaired, HIBOCT will replace the product for you, whether it is a major fault or minor fault is only determined by HIBOCT upon inspection of the faulty product at their Auckland facility.

The Warranty applies only when

Products are installed in applications in which ambient conditions are within the range of intended operating conditions.
LED grow lights – Ambient temperatures≦40℃ (104℉)

Failure of the LED Products that is NOT a result of external causes, including acts of nature; human damage; improper or unauthorized use; or any other occurrences beyond our reasonable control.

How long does the coverage last?

The Warranty Period for Physical Goods purchased from LIGHTOFGROWTH is 5 years from the date of delivery as confirmed by Courierpost tracking information.

What is the process if I have a faulty product?

If you experience a fault in your product we will email you a return label and organize for the courier to collect the faulty product from your desired location or you can drop the item at your local post shop. Once the item has been successfully received in to our warehouse will test the product to help diagnose the potential faults, if it turns out the product is not faulty you will need to pay for the courier cost to and from our warehouse.  If a fault is found we will cover courier expenses both ways and will proceed to repair your product with new genuine parts. If the fault cannot be repaired to a standard than allows the product to work as it previously did, otherwise known as a major fault then we will replace your product with a new model.

What happens if I am unable to send the product back to you because I am still needing to use it for my grow?

If you unable to send the product back because you are unable to interrupt your current grow, then you are welcome to pay a bond equal to the product that is faulty, we will then send you an equivalent product to use while you send your faulty item back for repair or replacement. As you can understand, without inspecting or confirming any faults we are unable to send a replacement or send loaner products before receiving the bond or receiving the faulty product simply due to the risk of theft, which unfortunately has happened in the past. Once you have paid the bond we will send you a product to use which will allow your grow to continue without disruption while we solve the problem with your product, once we have your product fixed and returned to you and the loaner product back to our facility we will refund your bond no hassles at all.  For more information please contact at service@hiboct.ntesmail.com .

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