Why choose LED grow light instead of other grow lamps?

Before discussing LED grow lights for cannabis, it is necessary to understand the development of the LED plant lighting industry and LED plant lighting companies over the past decade.

In the early stages of LED light source development, the cost was high, which naturally resulted in high prices, making it impractical for large-scale commercial and residential use. Japan was the first to use LED light sources in plant cultivation research. Subsequently, NASA in the United States utilized LEDs for lighting in closed life support systems such as space bases. Developed countries began feasibility studies on LED light sources for plant growth in the 1980s. In the mid-1990s, LEDs were used in plant research facilities for cultivation. Commercial LED plant lighting fixtures appeared in the early 2000s. Around 2010, LED red-blue light plant lighting devices became mainstream and were applied in production fields such as plant factories.

HIBOCT can be considered one of the first companies in the United States to invest in the research and production of LED plant lighting products. Initially, fluorescent tubes were used as lighting fixtures for plant lighting, which had the advantage of being low-cost but had obvious drawbacks due to uncontrollable spectra. Around 2010, LED red-blue supplementary lighting fixtures emerged. However, the cost of LEDs was too high, and the actual usage of LED red-blue plant lights for supplementary lighting was mostly limited to government demonstration projects, laboratories, and overseas cultivation customers. The acceptance of LED plant supplementary lights among ordinary farmers was still low.

LED red-blue plant lights use a combination of red and blue light-emitting diodes (LEDs) mainly because a single LED chip cannot maturely “integrate” different wavelengths of light on the same chip. Starting in 2013, LED chips and packaging processes became more mature, and full-spectrum LED plant grow lights began to appear in the market. LED plant lights were widely used in modern vertical farming of vegetables and fruits in overseas markets.

Between 2018 and 2020, the industrial hemp market gradually opened up in North America, and other countries also put the issue of whether to legalize industrial hemp cultivation on the agenda. The high economic value of industrial hemp gave new life to plant grow lights, and industrial hemp cultivation lights became popular. Numerous domestic lighting companies entered the market.

Fluence, which was acquired by Osram, conducted repeated experiments and comparisons and came up with the most effective LED chip combination for cannabis cultivation: Osram’s red (660nm) and Samsung’s high-efficiency white (281B/301B). This spectrum solution gradually gained recognition in the market.

HIBOCT conducted small-scale supplementary lighting cultivation experiments when LEDs matured and successfully cultivated various ordinary crops such as leafy vegetables, flowering and fruiting plants, and fruits in lightless dark room environments using different spectra combinations. The growth period of crops grown under controlled indoor conditions of water, temperature, and lighting was reduced by 15% to 30% compared to outdoor environments. In 2018, when the industrial hemp market started to boom, HIBOCT, with the collaboration of professional engineers and factories, developed the C-series industrial hemp grow lights with independent intellectual property rights and patented designs. HIBOCT has been continuously optimizing all products and controllers in the C-series.

The HIBOCT C-series LED grow lights consist of four different specifications of plant grow lights:
HIBOCT C-800W 1.1m
HIBOCT C-1000W 1.1m
HIBOCT C-1000W MAX 1.8m
Each fixture’s design and development are independently done by HIBOCT. HIBOCT ensures that its products are the safest and most effective. We have invested significantly in safety, such as the selection of power supplies, heat dissipation control, and circuit layout. Only by paying attention to details can we create a great product. HIBOCT’s goal is to become the “Apple” of the LED plant grow light industry!

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